Other Services from Cellmark

Forensic Casework

Cellmark is one of the largest providers of forensic casework services to the police forces in England and Wales. From specialist forensic provision at crime scenes, to the delivery of expert witness testimony at court we provide a comprehensive forensic assessment, evidence recovery, laboratory analysis and evaluative interpretation service incorporating a wide range of forensic biology and chemistry disciplines.

We employ some of the country’s most experienced forensic scientists, working in a laboratory environment with leading edge technology and validated, accredited analytical services so that they can best use their talents to assist our police customers in investigating and solving crime.

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Cellmark’s laboratories operate within quality systems accredited to ISO17025 and are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001. Cellmark is an accredited supplier of crime scene and reference DNA profiles to the UK National DNA Database.

Cellmark uses a range of specialist accredited techniques to extract DNA and produce valuable DNA profiling information for customers. Cellmark has a proven reputation for its expertise and success in obtaining DNA profiles from a range of sample submissions including the most challenging. Working for customers in the UK and overseas we regularly produce profile information from samples that have proved less informative elsewhere.

We work in partnership with our customers to deliver DNA services and forensic strategies tailored to their investigative requirements.

Species Testing

Cellmark’s animal species identification test provides a high level of discrimination between vertebrates.

Based on mitochondrial DNA testing, Cellmark's innovative species identification service can be used on tissue, body fluid and hair samples to identify a specific animal species. This test targets a portion of the 12S rRNA gene and can be used for the identification of most vertebrate species. The test is extremely sensitive and works well on degraded samples.

This ISO17025 accredited forensic service is useful for the investigation of criminal cases of animal cruelty, illegal trade and trafficking as well as poaching cases. It can also be useful for determining if degraded remains are of human or non-human origin.

Cellmark’s 12S rRNA mitochondrial sequencing service was developed and validated in 2011 and subsequently accredited to ISO17025. The service involves the comparison of the resulting sequence against the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) database to determine the specific animal species of the tested sample with a very high degree of differentiation.

Cellmark also provides a separate meat identification test for determining the species content of meat food products. Please contact Cellmark for further details.

Wildlife forensics

Cellmark utilises a broad range of casework disciplines and specialist DNA services to assist in wildlife and rural crime investigations, or those involving domestic species.

Wildlife crimes involve animals, or animal products, and can include their theft, poaching, cruelty and their illegal, international, trade. Rural crimes are those which take place in rural communities and can include violence, criminal damage and thefts of property and vehicles.

Cellmark offers a broad range of forensic services which target these types of crime - including specialist DNA services, blood pattern analysis, footwear marks, anthropology, hair examination, and ecology. Our scientists provide interpretation and advice covering item and evidence recovery, forensic processing, and providing courtroom testimony - from crime scene to courtroom.

In addition to our fully accredited human DNA testing services, we offer species identification through 12S rRNA mitochondrial sequencing and the ability to identify individual dogs through DNA profiling. We have successfully identified individual dogs involved in causing injury or death to other animals in coursing and poaching cases, as well as in attacks on humans.

There is growing interest in the area of identifying product origins or content (for example, natural fibres of animal origin and meat products), to allow linking stolen produce or animals to suspects, and associating species to weapons and suspects. Contact wildlifeforensics@cellmark.co.uk to inquire how our service can assist.

DNA Protected

With Dog theft unfortunately on the rise, DNA protected has been developed to deter thieves, provide you with peace of mind and to help collar the criminals. Your dog’s DNA is unique and cannot be changed - it is nature’s ultimate identification system.  Unlike a microchip which might be lost, might not work or could even be removed, DNA will identify your dog for life. Storing your dog’s DNA profile on Cellmark’s database makes it accessible to the police and means that if the worst were to happen and your dog were to be lost or stolen, it could help ensure that he or she is safely returned. Visit our DNA Protected website to order a kit.