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Delivery and sample returns

Once we have received your order we will arrange for the kit(s) to be couriered to your chosen location. The cost of this is also included in the overall price of the service. Normally, when we receive an order before 3pm, we can arrange for it to be delivered the following working day.

We appreciate that customers will have different requirements for returning samples and we aim to accommodate these by offering the following three options for sample returns:


Drop off at our Abingdon laboratory

As a forensic services provider we operate a 24/7 manned sample reception facility so it is possible, if you are local, to deliver your samples at any time of the day or night - whenever is convenient for you.


Our courier service

If you'd like us to organise a courier to collect the sample from your preferred location simply call us on 0800 193 3362 during our normal working hours. We will advise you of the cost at that time.


Your preferred courier

You may already have an arrangement with a courier and we receive packages from all the major courier services at our Abingdon facility. Please remember to tell us if you are using this option so we can be ready for your sample's arrival.

Please ensure that you follow the return packaging guidelines on the reverse of the sample return form. All samples are checked on arrival to ensure that they are in a suitable state to be tested.