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eDNA testing services

A reliable and trusted service from one of the UK’s largest forensic DNA companies and Natural England’s sole appointed testing laboratory

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Great Crested Newt
eDNA testing services

A reliable and trusted service from one of the UK’s largest forensic DNA companies and Natural England’s sole appointed testing laboratory

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GCN proficiency test score


Another perfect score for Cellmark

Cellmark has again scored 100% in the annual GCN eDNA proficiency test, successfully reporting all 2021 test samples correctly.



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We offer a range of GCN environmental DNA (eDNA) testing services for you - 10 day turnaround, 5 day turnaround, 2 day turnaround and our fastest Next Day eDNA service - hopefully offering you the service to match your needs. 

The 2021 testing season has now ended. For out of season testing please call us on 0800 193 3362 or email edna@cellmark.co.uk.

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*For orders of 5 kits or more. Regular prices per kit - 10 day £160, 5 day £225 and 2 day £280 +VAT.

Please note, the service turnaround is measured in working days and calculated from the date we receive the sample at our laboratory.

If I have kits left over can I get a refund?

Yes! Although we do make a small charge for unused sampling kits (£20 per kit), we do not charge the full analysis fee as we understand that there are many factors which can change the testing requirements throughout the course of the season. When the testing fee has been paid in advance Cellmark will provide a refund, minus the £20 charge, for any returned unused sampling kits.

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What is eDNA?

Environmental DNA or eDNA is genetic material given off by an organism into its environment. In the case of great crested newts, the eDNA samples are collected from bodies of water. This DNA can persist for a number of weeks, allowing us to test for its presence in water samples. Most frequently ponds are surveyed during the great crested newt breeding season.


Why is eDNA testing performed?

Great crested newts (GCN; Triturus cristatus) are a protected species in the UK. Deliberately capturing, killing, disturbing or injuring great crested newts at any life stage and damaging, destroying or obstructing access to a breeding or resting place, are prohibited by law. eDNA testing is a rapid and effective way to test for the presence or absence of great crested newts.


How do I take a sample?

Nicola from Cellmark demonstrates the correct way to collect water samples for eDNA testing. Cellmark's sampling kits are designed to make your job as easy as possible - they match Natural England protocols. The sampling kit cost is included in the overall price of the service.


>30 yrs

Established in 1987 Cellmark pioneered the introduction of forensic DNA analysis and has built an international reputation for forensic excellence.


Our diverse employee population is rich in expertise across a range of scientific disciplines. We aim to attract and retain the top talent in the industry.


Chosen and contracted by a wide range of customers including the general public, local authorities, 80% of UK police forces plus national and international government agencies.


Approaching 3 million human DNA samples and over 2.5 million animal samples DNA tested at our laboratories in the UK.


Our Services


Great Crested Newts

eDNA testing for great crested newts where a species' presence is detected by analysis of the DNA contained in environmental samples.

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Species Testing

12S rRNA Identification

Cellmark’s 12S rRNA mitochondrial sequencing service was developed and validated in 2011 and subsequently accredited to ISO17025.

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Rural Crime

Wildlife Forensics

Cellmark utilises a broad range of casework disciplines and specialist DNA services to assist in wildlife and rural crime investigations.

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Forensic DNA

DNA Services

Cellmark uses a range of specialist accredited techniques to extract DNA and produce valuable DNA profiling information for our customers.

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Service excellence through science



The skill of our science is matched by the commitment of our people to deliver a swift, responsive and high quality service for our customers. Our customer service team strive to make doing business with us as easy as possible.



Participating in the Natural England proficiency tests our assay is able to detect newt DNA even in the lowest concentrations. Across our range of services we work to exacting quality standards for technical excellence, data security and environmental responsibility.



With over 30 years’ experience of providing specialist DNA services we have a history of innovation, scientific development and analytical excellence.