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Looking forward to the start of the season

Preparing For The 2023 GCN Edna Testing Season

While the temperature has been below freezing this week, we have been getting ready for the start of the Great Crested Newt testing season and anticipating another busy year.

Despite it being a record season for Cellmark last year, we reliably hit 100% of all turnaround time targets for delivering our 10 day, 5 day, 2 day and our next day GCN eDNA testing service.

Cellmark has been Natural England’s sole appointed GCN eDNA testing laboratory since 2020 and, to respond to increasing volumes from NE and our private clients, last year we doubled our capacity by setting up testing at our Chorley lab in addition to our Abingdon facility.

We have held our prices from last year but please do contact us to find out about our special deals for larger testing volumes.

GCN eDNA kits being sent